Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Mezamashii Run

The Mezamashii Run, this is a run project put forth by the sporting company Mizuno.  It is an effort to create a more "brilliant" or "eye-opening" run for runners everywhere.  The term mezamashii directly translates to brilliant or remarkable, and these are the feelings that Mizuno wants every runner to feel when wearing their shoes.

I am mentioning the Mezamashii Project, because I know exactly what Mizuno is hoping to give to runners.  I experienced a mezamashii run last Saturday.  I was heading out to do my normal 3.4 km loop by my place, with run/walk intervals of 5:1.  I got dressed in my running clothes, laced up my shoes, and headed out.  I had my phone with me, as I used Adidas MiCoach app to log my runs, and I had the volume turned up so I could hear the announcement for every minute.  This way I could track my intervals, as the app doesn't have an interval timer built in it.  Time seemed to fly by, I had hardly been out when four minutes was announced, and I was feeling great!  The only way I can describe it is that I felt like I was gliding over the pavement effortlessly.  I didn't want to stop so I turned of the volume.  My mind was free and not thinking of when the next interval was; my body didn't hurt from cramping or fatigue; all I could think of was "I just want to keep going!"  I had hit a moment of running euphoria where everything was perfect.

So on I went, ignoring the fact I had planned for intervals; ignoring the fact that I didn't adequately hydrate myself for a long run; ignoring the fact that I had only just started running!  I turned off the main street, down a road that houses some of the wealthiest families in the city.  The houses are beautiful, the road is near flawless, and it is on a river valley, so there are times when you catch a view that is majestic to behold.  The atmosphere was indescribable!  A rainstorm had just passed by, and the roads were drying so steam was rising from the street to give a soft, dreamlike feel to everything.  That combined with it being after 10pm, and the nice cool evening air, made for a beautiful run.  I checked my phone and saw that I had been running over 20 minutes without a break.  I could hardly believe it as I look forward to the walking breaks to rest up, but my body didn't feel tired or strained at all.  

I ran to the end of the street and looped around, back towards my place.  When I had hit the main street again, I wanted to turn off and go down a running trail that forms my usual loop.  I looked at the time though, I saw it was almost 10:45pm and I had been out almost double what I had planned, so I decided to go straight home.  When I got home I was smiling and my wife asked what happened.  I told her of my run, I told her of the idea of mezamashii, I told her I had experienced a mezamashii run!