Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Resolution Run

This upcoming Wednesday is the Brita Resolution Run, here in Edmonton.  My sister talked me into registering for it last minute, and so $55 and one running jacket later (part of the package), I am readying my mind to go.

I'm a wee bit apprehensive about it as I haven't gone running since October, when I was running up Tunnel Mountain in Banff (it was -2 C at the time and winter in Edmonton can easily go below -30 C).  But the race is 5 km and not timed, so I should be fine!  Though I was/am concerned about staying warm

This race actually goes perfect with my health goals for the upcoming year.  I am wanting to loose my gut and get prepped for triathlons.  This urge for becoming fit was reemphasized this last week when I was talking to my cousin and his wife.  She asked me if I had registered for my half Ironman (a goal I have for the summer of 2015).  I had responded "No, that's a year and a half away", then my cousin asked if I had at least chosen one.  To this I also responded "No".  I was assured that when I choose one and register, that my cousin will compete along side of me to help me get through it.  I should note that my cousin has completed a handful of Ironman events in the recent years.  It was this encouragement that, unconsciously, got me over my hesitancy of running in the winter.

I haven't been totally idle though, in November I did start the Men's Health Spartacus workout.  I had to take a few weeks off as I caught a bad cold, but I have started back up.  Though this is my running blog, so I won't touch on this anymore.

Getting back on topic, I am planning on a short run tomorrow, just to get the layering of clothes down.  This is my biggest concern because I naturally get really hot, and I want to prevent sweating as much as possible., until then!