Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolution Run 2014 - The Lowdown

***** Before I go into today's run, I just want to admit that I lied in my last post.  I did NOT go for the practice winter run to figure out my clothes layering...sorry *****

Alright!  As mentioned in my last post, today was the day of the Brita Resolution Run, put on by the Running Room!  And thought John Stanton was not there, with his hometown crowd, two of his sons were pointed out to me!  (sorry for the nerd moment)

My sister and I before the race
It was a cold morning, being -16C at the beginning of the race, and not warming up at all, so layering was really important.  I had NO idea what I was doing, as winter running is new to me, so I dressed in the following items (thanks to the guidance of my sister):
Head - Columbia Toque, Running Room neck warmer
Torso - Under Armor long sleeved shirt, Edmonton Marathon tech shirt, Running Room Jacket
Legs - Running Room shorts, Running Room RRX (extreme temp) pants
Feet - Mizuno Breath Thermo socks, Mizuno Wave Rider 15 LE's
Hands - Mizuno Breath Thermo gloves

As you can see I LOVE my Mizuno and the Running Room items were purchased during great sales!

Anyway, I know the gear list is exhaustive, but it may come in handy to someone; for a reference point for any Americans, I was running in 3F degree weather.

I am happy to announce that my outfit worked and after feeling the chill for a KM or two, I was warm and not focusing on the cold at all.  If there was one part of my outfit that deserves more credit than other pieces, it would have to be the Mizuno Breath Thermo socks!  These socks have the Breath Thermo technology that heats up when there is moisture.  At first my feet were a bit chilly, but once I started running, the socks started warming up.  My feet never got hot, but by the end of the race they felt like they were in the best pair of slippers I own!  Very warm, very comfortable!

Now for the actual race.  It wasn't a timed event, but I did monitor my time, and I came in at 36:17.  I am happy with the time as running in winter is WAY different than doing it in summer.  The snow was hard packed, but there was loose snow for about a third of the time.  It took more energy than usual, and the only word to compare it against a summer road race, is that the winter ones are intense.  The body works harder, the ground isn't totally stable, and it is just much harder.  That being said, it is definitely a great experience!  After the race I was feeling great, going off the natural high, but as the day went on my body started to slowly show the toll the race had on it.  By dinner, my entire body had a dull ache going through it  Normally this type of pain doesn't happen, not even after intense workouts.  Like I said, the body works harder in winter runs.
Post race photo
I would encourage anyone to participate in a winter race.  The only thing I would caution is to make sure you dress appropriately!  The last thing one wants to happen is to sweat and then to freeze. ;)

Happy running!