Sunday, July 26, 2015

An Ironman's Reminder

Today is the Ironman Canada race in Whistler, BC; it is also the Calgary, AB 70.3 Ironman too...the one I was supposed to take part in with my cousin.

The other day as I wished my cousin good luck on his upcoming race, he thanked me and stated that "I am still waiting to do a race with you!  It will be fun, I swear!".  Two years ago I made a deal with my cousin that I would complete an Ironman with him, given he would race with me.  He instantly shook hands and said "DEAL!"

He has since competed in a few half Ironman races, and me zero!  This latest comment from him hit hime, and I now have even more determination to get fit.  Right now I am overweight and just coming off of an excruciatingly painful foot injury, Plantar Fasciitis.  I can honestly say that I have experienced nothing so painful.  However after months of rest, stretching and massages, I can now run and walk away without the feeling that my foot has been torn to shreds.  I have had 2 successful runs in the last week proving that!  :D

Getting back onto the training, I have started a simple core workout that I do daily, just crunches and push-ups, and have done it for almost a week (yes prior to my cousins comment).  In addition to this I will be doing the (Men's Health) Spartacus workout regularly followed by aerobic training via running.  I have my Suunto Quest set up with proper heart rate limits and will be staying in zone 2 for running.  If you follow my 'Moves' you should start noticing a difference.

Well...Here's to week one of my new routine, and here's to sticking with it, so that in due time you will read about the 70.3 I completed and the races I ran with my sister, who runs half-marathons.