Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Months Down


So it has been about 2 months since I last posted anything.

I just want to take some time and share what my experience has been with running.  Now, just (another) recap...  I had began running over a year ago and thought that it entailed going as hard as you can for as long as you can.  Back then I was doing 1 km in about 15 minutes because I would sprint, stop, sprint, stop, and so on.  I spent more time resting and catching my breath than I did actually moving.  In addition to this I would get wicked shin splints, cramps that were so bad I couldn't breath, and I hated it.  All of it!

In May I went out again and hammered out 3.5 km and sent a screenshot of my time (I went with my phone) to my sister.  This just started an avalanche of activity, and things just went crazy from there.  I started running regularly with my sister, and would sometimes go with my wife if we could get childcare.  I soon entered the Canada Day Race and ran in clothes that are not suitable for running, period!

I soon started to invest in training equipment like runners, shorts, and an HRM/GPS watch.  Those weren't cheap but were well worth the investment, and man...what a difference!  Having the correct equipment makes a world of difference!  You don't overheat, feet don't get abnormally sore, you are able to go hands free wearing equipment that hardly has weight, and go can go further than before.  Armed with the correct running supplies, I aggressively trained for the Edmonton Marathon 10 km race.  I successfully completed it in 71 min!  After the marathon I stopped running up until a week or two ago.  Life events happened and I had to balance my new life and work in running time again.  But I am back at it now and am as happy as ever!  My biggest accomplishment was running up Tunnel Mountain in Banff.  Now that may not seem like a long run from the town site to the resorts up top, but it is a good 1-2 km of uphill!  I was able to do that in my new running pants and jacket, that I had bought a few days before (they came in handy considering it was about -4C when I went out).

So...I guess after mentioning this the big question is "What's the point?"

Well, there are the wants from running and the actual outcomes from it.

What I wanted was a way to gain stamina/endurance for future hikes that I want to go on; I also wanted to loose weight.

What I got instead is excellent stamina and next to no moments when I am out of breath; also NO weight loss...I don't care much because it is all about how I feel!

What I have learned in the past 5 months is that equipment and attitude are critical!  Equipment is really obvious as it makes the experience possible...but attitude, that's a funny one with a lot more grey areas.  Really the critical part of ones attitude is that they have to give it a shot.  For the first few weeks it will suck big-time!  But when you persevere and don't give up, after the first few weeks things will click.  FOr me I realized I could talk while running; I didn't have shin splints; my breathing wasn't an issue; no more cramps; and "Hey! That was the 5 or 10 km mark! Wow, I'm not tired!".

If you just go for it and don't give up, anything is possible!  It has been a wonderful 5 months for me and I am excited to continue running as long as my body will allow me to!  I am excited to run a half marathon; I am excited to go for a half Iron Man; all these things that seemed so out of reach, are within my grasp...and because I haven't given up I have been able to develop the determination to meet any goal I set for myself!

Now this is just my story...but I add it to the millions of others who already know this.

There it is...that's all I have right now.  If you have a goal...GO GET IT!! ;)